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Carlo Noro

The Family

A story of Passion, Commitment and Love for Nature

The Carlo Noro biodynamic farm covers a total of 5 hectares, of which 2 are rented. In addition to the production of oil, wine and biodynamic preparations, the company offers consultancy and training courses in biodynamic agriculture in collaboration with Michele Lorenzetti through the cultural association "Professione Biodinamica".

The management of the winery is entrusted to Carlo's sons, Simone and Valerio, who carry on a family tradition of sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.

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Biodynamic Nature

When Everything Is Connected

Over the past 40 years, the world has lost 33% of its arable land to erosion due to harmful agricultural practices. The agroindustry's justification for continuing to produce with chemistry and genetic engineering is the need to increase the availability of food to feed a world in constant population growth. But if food growth is to the detriment of the land and the quality of the food itself, it is in all respects a loss in terms of energy values.

Seventeen scientific studies document that biodynamic preparations induce measurable effects on the chemical composition of food and its quality. They ward off harmful parasites, increase the fertile layer of the soil thanks to the development of deep roots, promote enzymatic activity and the proliferation of earthworms as well as bringing surprising changes to plant growth, strengthening the ripening process and therefore making food tastier, more digestible and with higher antioxidant levels.



Biodynamic agriculture conceives the farm as a micro-ecosystem where soil, plants, animals, humans and cosmic natural rhythms are in perfect harmony.


Nowadays in our agriculture we are no longer used to working on prevention, but on the symptom and consequently with the use of pesticides.

There must be judgment as "the farmer is primarily responsible for people's health" -Carlo Noro

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Organic-dynamic agriculture, through the use of preparations and other practices, re- establishes humus in the soil and regulates water flows, therefore produces better and sustainable food, especially in the long term.


Our Offer

500 corno letame

Biodynamic Agriculture

Some insights into this incredible agricultural method.
Bio-dynamics: in its etymology we already realize its important and beautiful meaning… from the Greek bìos = life and dinamikòs der. from dìnamis = strength, movement.
Two words that imply a way of observing, working, living the land…


Success at Dornach 2017 for Professione Biodinamica

On the occasion of the international conference on soil fertility which took place between 1st and 4th February 2017 we held a workshop on solutions for recovering soil vitality. We have therefore prepared a seminar on biodynamic preparations at GlasHouse.
Enthusiasts from all over Europe and also from different countries around the world were present…

Professione Biodinamica

Biodynamics course by Carlo Noro and Michele Lorenzetti

The course is aimed at all those who want to delve deeper into the topic of Biodynamic Viticulture. It’s 13 hours in the company of Carlo Noro, Michele Lorenzetti and other experts. In addition to the lessons, there are practical sessions on the use of biodynamic preparations 500 and 501, the preparation of biodynamic compost and considerations on fertilization and sowing of green manure.