504 Nettle

504 is another “heap preparation” with very intense action .

The shoots of the nettle plant harvested in full bloom are used. The plant material is buried fresh, without drying, for an entire year in open ground, without any container.

R. Steiner explains that with the action of this preparation the ” sulphur relates to iron ” and therefore regulates the economy of iron in nature which is used for the greening of the leaves and harmonizes the nitrogen processes.

The final preparation develops a typical ferrous, rusty aroma and contains sulfur and iron.



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Dioecious urtica or major nettle, despite its stinging defenses, is a plant friendly to humans. It follows it in its settlements, grows around farms, stables and barns. It is encountered everywhere as if it had been entrusted with an important task for plant life.

Once blanched, nettles lose their stinging power and are used in the culinary field to prepare first courses, such as tagliatelle, gnocchi, soups.

In the 18th century, as well as during the First World War, nettle was used as a weaving plant, from which very resistant fabrics were obtained.