505 Oak Bark

505 is certainly the least known preparation among the biodynamic heap preparations. Placed inside the mass of manure to be composted together with the other preparations, it avoids the formation of rot allowing the organic substance to transform correctly.

Unlike other preparations, its preparation does not take place from a herbaceous plant but from Quercus Robur or Farnia, more specifically from its bark which must be collected from mature trees over thirty years old.
Precisely in the outer bark of young branches there is a large concentration of calcium. In autumn, this part of the branches is removed without damaging the tree and finely chopped, it is placed in a domestic animal skull, then buried at the edge of a stream, until the following spring. The extracted humic matter develops a damp earth aroma.

Preparation 505 is added as a regulator of the transformation of matter in the heap, as well as avoiding the formation of rot in the organic substance, containing the excess of metabolic processes.

Contains calcium and sulfur (the calcium formed in this way is used to fight most diseases)




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A tree with a vigorous and majestic habit capable of living for several centuries