506 Dandelion

The 506  preparation has the ability to establish an internal balanced relationship between silica and potassium and is invaluable for correcting and coordinating the processes linked to these elements of the compost.

The inflorescences are used, harvested in spring, dried and stored until autumn. At this point the plant material is moistened and then wrapped in cow mesentery and buried.
The following spring, in this case too, we will have a completely evolved humic mass, which develops a very particular and complex aromatic profile, of bread crust, floral, meaty, honey, pine nut.

Contains silicon and sulfur.


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Taraxacum Officinalis is found almost all over the world. It grows in uncultivated meadows, in ditches, and adapts to a great variety of environments. Very vital herbaceous perennial. 

It continues to produce leaves and flowers almost all year round. In May, in our latitudes, it is at its most flowering.