507 Valerian

This preparation is part of the series of “heap preparations” (from 502 to 507) used to best facilitate the composting process. It differs from the others because it is the only preparation in liquid form and  is used, in fact, in the form of an infusion. It is a water-based extract of Valeriana officinalis flowers (a sort of macerate).

The inflorescences are collected, of which only the petals are used, all the green organs, including the sepals, must be discarded, again with painstaking work: it is very important for the quality of the preparation that absolutely no chlorophyll is present.

The plant material thus obtained is infused in pure water in open bottles and exposed to the air for the time necessary for maceration.

The process will be completed when, in the light of the experience, we notice the transformation of the color and smell, which will typically be of clay, wet rock and an intense yellow.

Particular care must be taken when storing this liquid as there is a risk of it fermenting excessively. It should have a fairly strong, fruity-sour smell, but it should not give off a putrescent odor.

The preparation contains phosphorus and sulphur.




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It stimulates phosphorus processes, acting positively on the fruiting and ripening process. For this reason, in biodynamics we could also define it as a "heat plant".

The preparation based on Valerian ( 507 ) is also used to contain damage due to late spring frosts, or to mitigate any problems caused by temperature changes with sudden drops in temperatures.
There are numerous experiences of farmers who have highlighted its validity in this sense.