A thousand-year tradition

In our land the vineyards and olive trees divide the spaces in an alternation that is pure, harmonious natural poetry. In this area we have always produced a 100% Made in Italy extra virgin olive oil , completely cold extracted to safeguard all the organoleptic and olfactory characteristics present in a green and healthy harvested olive.

The cultivation of olive trees and the production of oil in Lazio have a multi-millennial tradition, as evidenced by the thousands of majestic centuries-old olive trees and the numerous historical and archaeological testimonies from the Roman and pre-Roman age.

From the Etruscans who planted the first olive trees in Tuscia to the ancient Romans who developed their cultivation, production in the Sabina north of Rome and in Ciociaria south of Rome and its dissemination throughout the territories of the Empire. Thanks to them, the process of olive cultivation and oil production improved and the spread of the product reached the territories of Northern Europe.

carlo noro uliveti