Professione Biodinamica

Biodynamics course by Carlo Noro and Michele Lorenzetti

The course is aimed at all those who want to delve deeper into the topic of  Biodynamic Viticulture .

It’s 13  hours in the company of  Carlo Noro, Michele Lorenzetti, Andrea Squartini and Matteo Giannattasio .
In addition to the 
classroom lessons, there are some practical sessions on the use of biodynamic preparations 500 and 501, the preparation of  biodynamic compost and considerations on fertilization and sowing of green manure.

The Biodynamic Profession team


13 lessons in total  for a duration of 13 hours.

  • VIDEO 1: History and evolution of the biodynamic method from Rudolf Steiner to today
  • VIDEO 2: The manure horn and the preparation 500
  • VIDEO 3: The soil microbiome
  • VIDEO 4: The root as head
  • VIDEO 5:  Practical part:  Sowing green manure
  • VIDEO 6: The biodynamic preparations 500 and 501
  • VIDEO 7: Prepared 500 a scientific reading
  • VIDEO 8: Biodynamics in viticulture
  • VIDEO 9:  Practical part:  Conservation, dynamization and distribution of preparations 500 and 501
  • VIDEO 10: Biodynamic heap preparations
  • VIDEO 11: Science or consciousness
  • VIDEO 12: The cellar considerations on grapes and winemaking
  • VIDEO 13:  Practical part:  Setting up the biodynamic pile

biodynamic profession

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and enjoy your training

Complete biodynamic course held by Carlo Noro and Michele Lorenzetti (13 videos)
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