Success at Dornach 2017 for Professione Biodinamica

The Goetheanum, agriculture section, on the occasion of the International conference on land fertility held between 1 and 4 February 2017 asked us to carry out a workshop on solutions for recovering soil vitality. We have therefore prepared a seminar on biodynamic preparations at the GlasHouse in the Goetheanum complex.

50 people participated, from all over Europe and also from different countries around the world.

The seminar was very successful as it was, as usual, practical from a practical point of view. We have particularly clarified the importance of the quality of biodynamic preparations, a quality which is obtained through a detailed preparation procedure.

Biodynamic profession

We have also underlined the importance of the professional use of the preparations within an agronomic method which must absolutely accompany the application of the preparations in such a way as to create that situation which leads to the result: the construction of the biological structure of the soil. Interesting within the workshop was the exchange with the various countries which, having different climatic situations, asked us interesting questions regarding the search for the solution of some points.

An example above all is the synchronization of set-up operations in Poland and Scandinavia. Since the temperatures here are lower, we agreed that the burial of the 500 can only take place between July and August, having the possibility of open pasture only at this time of the year. On Saturday in plenary Carlo Noro was also called to explain some details on the processing of cumulation preparations.

Biodynamic Profession Course

We are already preparing for next year, as we have been asked to participate in the next conference to be held on biodynamic preparations. And we won’t miss it.

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