502 Yarrow

Only the flower heads are used, collected manually before the full flowering phase. After a careful selection of the inflorescences (the flower heads, in fact), the plant material is placed in a male deer bladder and dried in the sun.

Then, in autumn, it is buried. The following spring, upon disinterment, we will have a humic mass, with characters completely different from the original ones, a sign of the profound transformation of the matter.

The 502 is ready and develops a cheesy, mature cheese aroma. In the bad quality one the aroma becomes ammoniacal, very unpleasant.

It is especially rich in sulfur and potassium, in active form.



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We can enjoy the beauty of yarrow flowers for most of the year as this plant blooms  from early spring until late autumn .

The peculiarity of these beautiful flowers is that  they change color as flowering progresses.

It grows well even in poor soil and  resists intense cold , surviving the winters of the Aosta Valley every year.


The main component of yarrow is essential oil , contained in both the flowers and the leaves.
The best known and most used property is its healing action , therefore it is useful against  skin lesions  and any type of  wounds  and/or  sores .