503 Chamomile

Preparation 503 is one of the so-called “heap preparations”.

R. Steiner explains that with the action of this preparation the ” sulphur relates in a unique way not so much with potassium but with calcium ” bringing into the compound a process linked to the planet Mercury, a planet that relates the plant to movement and the sensibility.

As with Achillea, only the flower heads are used, discarding the leaves, stems and everything else with painstaking work. The chamomile flower head, the “yellow button”, is a set of very small flowers which, in April-May, begin to open from the bottom of the inflorescence.

The harvest, carried out strictly by hand, must take place in the intermediate phase of flowering, when approximately half of the flowers are open.

The plant material is then dried, in autumn, re-humidified, placed in a casing obtained from the small intestine of a bovine, and finally buried. In spring, it will be observed that the starting material (the inflorescence) has almost disappeared. Here too we will have a humic and moist mass, with a noble scent, completely different from that of the starting material: the original organoleptic characteristics have evolved radically.

503 is ready, it contains sulfur and calcium and promotes the connection of the roots to the earth, making them intelligent, sensitive, strong and mature .



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fiori camomilla

Matricaria chamomilla  commonly Chamomile  is an annual herbaceous plant with a bushy habit; it has an erect stem that reaches a height of 50 cm, very branched. The leaves are light green.

The flowers gathered in flower heads have white petals with yellow corollas.

A plant with very ancient popular use, it has an anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic action in the digestive and sedative phase. Useful in case of gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcers, esophagitis.

In children it is used for colic and to clean the eyes.